Our Mortgage Advisors

Certified private client professionals.

Personal Attention

Our mortgage advisors make every effort to build one-on-one relationships with clients, offering personalized attention and financial guidance.

Just like when you go to the doctor, our mortgage advisors believe in providing one-on-one service. They listen to your needs and goals and offer a personal “diagnosis” in language that you understand. And long after your appointment, you can count on them to be familiar with your history and provide answers to future questions and concerns.

We realize that our level of service might seem a little unconventional. But why should you expect anything less than personalized, one-on-one attention when it comes to your biggest investment?

all of our mortgage advisors are certified in private client lending.

PCMA PartnerPrep™
We take a partnership approach with our clients which is why all our Mortgage Advisors must go through a thorough competency program and earn the certification for PCMA Private Client Lending products and technology services.

PCMA’s Partner Enablement Readiness Platform (PREP) is a modern learning platform introducing skills badging and guided learning paths to maintain market readiness for our certified advisors and interpret financial guidance and product expertise with our high capacity clientele.

PartnerPrep™ training accomplishments and competency certifications are mandatory requirements giving our clients peace of mind knowing that they are working with the most experienced and best of breed the market has to offer.

Who They Are

At PCMA, we believe the best advice comes from someone who really cares about you. That’s why we require the best and brightest in the industry to represent our firm in the capacity of mortgage advisor – someone who meets our knowledge requirements but most of all meets our high standard of people pleasing. Someone with whom you can build a long-lasting one-on-one relationship.

Professionally dedicated

While these community-based values are important to PCMA, there’s a professional side that’s just as essential. Our mortgage advisors continuously build their financial knowledge. We demand a lot of hard work from them that involves passion, motivation and long hours — which is further testament to the types of individuals they are.

Because we have a different kind of approach at PCMA, we believe it’s important to look for a different kind of employee. What kind of candidate do we search for in a mortgage advisor? We look for people with passion, confidence, independence and a belief in doing what’s right, instead of what’s expected. We like to hire people who understand and can embrace our “UNEXPECTED” approach to residential lending.

Long-term development

At PCMA We’re all about high places.

We have a shared DNA that directs and edifies our daily lives at PCMA. It’s affectionately called Ascension – to rise. The Ascension Method is our personal and professional development program and the process of achievement at our firm. The Ascension Method drives our firm and team members to reach our greatest potential in our physical, financial, emotional and spiritual selves. All for what? We have a higher purpose.

We believe the best of class can only be delivered by those who seek the best version of themselves and the discipline to reach for greater heights rarely experienced. Becoming better humans.

We invite you to experience our higher orbit.

Ascension – All Rise.

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